Waterford Distillery

The most anticipated whisky release this year.
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Untamed, undiluted and definitely unfiltered. It is hard to find a better persona that epitomises what we strive for better than Jérôme Lambert.

Jérôme first embarked on wine making as a child that stomped his grapes on the floor and watched eagerly for signs of fermentation. Now slightly older and in possession of a garage-cum-playground-cum-cave the man’s approach doesn’t stray too far from the stomping child’s. 

With no formal education in vinification like many of his peers, Jérôme first started selling wines in 2008 with a few years experience of experimenting in his mother’s basement and an unbridled passion that...

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Founded in 2017 by Lars Williams – former head of R&D at world famous restaurant Noma – Empirical Spirits has been completely ripping up and re-writing the spirits playbook.

The team have been brewing up their own unique and complex creations from scratch with a mind-blowing attention to detail – and earlier this year they also released their first batch of canned cocktails.

The beauty lies in their one-of-a-kind distilling process, everything being made on-site. Rather than using factory-made ethanol to make their base spirit, they find and embrace far-flung ingredients from all over the world (including Zimbabwean Marula and...

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It’s hard to believe these guys only officially opened their (barn) doors at the end of last year – such has been their instant impact on the UK beer scene – with their beautiful cans popping up in all the right places.

Having lived the nomad life the last 2 years, collaborating and partnering with some amazing breweries – the team have now built their own home in Abbey Farm, Norfolk, having already established themselves as one of the best up-and-coming breweries out there.

Co-founder Derek Bates – former head brewer at Brew by Numbers – set out on his...

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Up until the last few years, there were only a few low / no ABV beers out there (and most of them were rubbish), but with a sizeable chunk of the market now looking to drink a healthier alternative, the market has exploded with a whole host of options – none doing it better than the guys at the Small Beer Co.

‘Small beer’ is actually the term used for beer produced in British homes in the 1700s, when safe drinking water was in scarce supply – the end result normally being a 0.5 – 2.8% ale drank by the...

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