Côme Isambert

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Situated right in the centre of Saumur and hidden away behind large rusted metal gates; at first glance it is very easy to pass by the unassuming entrance to Côme’s cave without having the slightest inkling of the magic that occurs inside.

The domaine is hidden away in an old quarry that has a history of supplying the city with white stones and is connected by a maze of deep, enigmatic caves to a château next door. Walking through it is clear that the surroundings are very much befitting of the man and his produce.

Côme has been producing wines since 2013, before which he had worked with other domaines in the area. With the desire to create his own natural wines, he acquired the old quarry which became a magical hub for experimenting. It is the birthplace of wines that are fresh, balanced, aromatic and surprising, but also home to hybrids of fruit wines and vintage ciders. 

Côme is a true all rounder, and probably the perfect example of a modern natural wine producer in our portfolio.

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