DB Schmitt

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We first visited Daniel, Bianka and their son Alexander in Flörsheim-Dalsheim, in the Rheinhessen region of Germany in early March this year, shortly before the borders closed.

Working from their family’s 230 year old winery, Daniel and Bianka are one of the youngest and very few winemakers making low intervention, natural wine in a country and region steeped in tradition and mass production.

Together, they have been working their 16 organic hectares for the best part of the last decade, going against not only their region’s traditional practices but their own family’s wine making traditions. 

Daniel and Bianka chose a lonely route in search of producing wine that is a true, undiluted expression of themselves and what they believe in.

It’s abundantly clear that this brave decision has paid off and we are the lucky beneficiaries of it. Much like the people who make the wine, there is a down to earth, unpretentious nature about every bottle. 

From Bianka’s hand drawn labels to the F.K.K, bottled by the litre in screw cap bottles, purely to be drunk as a wine for the people and to be smashed without swirling your glass or thinking about it too much. 

Unique for natural wines, almost all the DB wines seem to get better and better after being opened. Bianka is clear that accessibility and value for money are as important a component as taste, explaining that she would feel they would be short changing people if their wines were to go off in a few hours. 

The Zold & Erdreich are prime examples. Both, stunning, fragrant wines that evolve into something incredibly special after a few hours.

Added to this are the wild cards, the one’s we feel are closer to their personality, like the wild pony. An annually changing blend of grapes that go through various amounts of skin contact, individually aged in oak in the family’s cellar, encased in limestone and a protective mould that naturally regulates the moisture. 

A myriad of different tastes, smells and depths. One of the best orange wines we have and up there with the best we’ve tasted.

Daniel and Bianka are one of the most talented, disruptive and brave winemakers we have come across. They are very close to our hearts and the type of people we hope to work with for many years to come.

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