Duration Brewery

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It’s hard to believe these guys only officially opened their (barn) doors at the end of last year – such has been their instant impact on the UK beer scene – with their beautiful cans popping up in all the right places.

Having lived the nomad life the last 2 years, collaborating and partnering with some amazing breweries – the team have now built their own home in Abbey Farm, Norfolk, having already established themselves as one of the best up-and-coming breweries out there.

Co-founder Derek Bates – former head brewer at Brew by Numbers – set out on his mission to create a sustainable balance between agriculture and brewing. Using locally sourced crops and produce, the team have worked hard to create a true farmhouse-style brewery, set in the ruins of an old priory and on the banks of a chalk river – with their own on-site taproom due to open later this year.

The beers are making serious waves as well – in February they were selected in RateBeer’s Top 10 new Global breweries, from 33,000 entries. They definitely don’t play it safe in terms of beer styles either; opting for tart Wheat beers and thirst-quenching Grisettes over the standard Lagers and Pilsners – and are never afraid to experiment with different seasonal ingredients.

The year-long build allowed them to split their site into three barns: One for brewing the current range, one for their barrel-aged beers and the other for packaging. The focus for now is firmly on quality over quantity - not growing for the sake of growth – and to keep pushing the boundaries on their own standards. That’s what we love about these guys – that it’ll always just be about the beer.

The passion that’s gone into creating their one-of-a-kind brewing experience, with nature being at the very heart of what they do, makes these guys one to definitely look out for!

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