Jérôme Lambert

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Untamed, undiluted and definitely unfiltered. It is hard to find a better persona that epitomises what we strive for better than Jérôme Lambert.

Jérôme first embarked on wine making as a child that stomped his grapes on the floor and watched eagerly for signs of fermentation. Now slightly older and in possession of a garage-cum-playground-cum-cave the man’s approach doesn’t stray too far from the stomping child’s. 

With no formal education in vinification like many of his peers, Jérôme first started selling wines in 2008 with a few years experience of experimenting in his mother’s basement and an unbridled passion that natural wines must absolutely not contain additives from grape to glass. 

At present he farms a few hectares close to Anjou producing Chenin, Grolleau and Gamay, whilst also tending to his sheep and chickens in an effort to be self reliant and even despite some difficult harvests and heavy losses due to changing climates, he is unwavering with his organic, natural farming techniques.

Jérôme is without doubt a drinker before he is a wine maker so it should come as no surprise that this simplicity in method leads to easy drinking wines without pretension or ego coupled with a bucketful of personality. Much like the man himself. 

With equally no surprise is the fact that Jérôme remains one of the highlights of any of our trips and the one visit we look forward to the most. It would be fair to say that we enjoy his company as much as his wines.

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