Small Beer Co.

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Up until the last few years, there were only a few low / no ABV beers out there (and most of them were rubbish), but with a sizeable chunk of the market now looking to drink a healthier alternative, the market has exploded with a whole host of options – none doing it better than the guys at the Small Beer Co.

‘Small beer’ is actually the term used for beer produced in British homes in the 1700s, when safe drinking water was in scarce supply – the end result normally being a 0.5 – 2.8% ale drank by the whole family… all for safety reasons of course!

Somewhere along the way, and with the introduction of safe drinking water, the ABV numbers started to tick a little higher, leaving the trusty lower end of the scale neglected, and that’s where these guys come in.

With brewing, a big chunk of the flavour comes from the alcohol content – so making delicious tasting ‘small’ brews is a very tricky and skilful thing to do right – something these guys don’t seem to struggle with. No fancy additions, and not ones to go out chasing the next craft beer fad - these guys just focus on making good beer the way it’s meant to be.

Not only making beer that’s better for the drinker – they also make sure it’s doing some good for the planet as well. Beer production is often a very water-intensive process: The average pint of beer takes 10 pints of water to create – amazingly the Small beer Co guys have got their water footprint down to just 1.5 pints per pint.

They also operate a ‘dry floor’ policy - ensuring nothing is wasted, use only renewable energy, and even their packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard – and that’s why we’re proud to be stocking these guys who are proud to do things a little differently.

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