Waterford Distillery

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Waterford Distillery

For those not in the know, this has been one of the most anticipated releases in the whisky world for some time, with many of the initial batches selling out before even reaching retailers.

Waterford Distillery is the latest project from Mark Reynier, the man behind the resurgence of Islay’s Bruichladdich whisky. His latest project sees him creating, "Terroir" driven, barley forward irish single malts free from colouring, additives and chill-filtration.

Terroir, a term solely reserved for the wine world, is one that is hotly contested in the whisky industry, as many believe that the final product differs significantly from the barley crop that was initially harvested.

Mark sets about disproving this with Waterford. In the process, he also brings about a level of detail and transparency which is staggering, to the point that each bottle comes with a unique code that you can plug into the website to find out details such as the name of the grower of the malt, when it was planted, harvested and when it arrived at the distillery and then down to the geological data of the soil samples and the sunlight data. This is the sort of detail and transparency that got him into hot water in Scotland but has been welcomed with open arms in Ireland.

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