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Empirical Spirits

The empirical guys first got the inspiration for this at the central market in Oaxaca City, Mexico where they came across the Pasilla Mixe Chilli. 

The chilli is smoke-dried and grown at 2,700 meters above sea level by the indigenous mixe people of Mexico, known in their native language as Ayuuk.

As they put it:

"The true Pasilla Mixe possesses a twilight, dark red fruitiness and a unique earthiness that reflects the rugged terroir in which it grows."

The chilis are macerated in low wine, distilled, blended with spent Pasilla Mixe kombucha, and finished in Oloroso casks for five days.

It's earthy, smokey, fruity and so very special. Simply put, think of the most complex, fruity yet spicy mezcal.


43% ABV


Copenhagen, Denmark

Infused spirit

Pasilla Mixe

Mixed // Over ice