French Gambling Game Crossword

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Crossword games provide a fun, daily brain training experience! Select your favorite themes and solve them any way that best fits you – choose movies, sports, technology, gaming history etc – all connected by clues that link back to different topics such as movies sports technology games history etc – it is truly enjoyable brain exercise! Start the week right by getting one fun puzzle for free every day to train your mind!

“Basset” derives its name from French words for card and stake, as this card game was considered one of the most polite. Not often played outside Court circles due to its high stakes that often led to great losses or gains for players, “basset” does not feature in Cotton’s 1674 The Complete Gamester; however it receives an extensive mention in 1721 edition of that same book which highlights its fierceness as well as what may be won or lost through playing it.

This game is easy and intuitive; no in-app purchases or ads to distract from your puzzle solving experience! With an intuitive user interface that lets you quickly select how many rows and columns to fill, as well as what kind of answers to include; for beginners we suggest starting out with shorter clues that have less letters; this will help them get acquainted with solving clues more quickly!

Once you’ve solved all the shorter clues, move on to solving longer answers. Try solving it nonlinearly by jumping between sections and solving clues linked together by multiple clues; this way you will build up an understanding of its overall theme or structure which may aid in finding more difficult-than-usual solutions.